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3.1 Residence

A person must be a Wisconsin resident to be eligible for BadgerCare Plus.  He or she must:


  1. Be physically present in Wisconsin. There is no minimum requirement for the length of time the person has been physically present in Wisconsin. Wisconsin residents who are temporarily out of state (see 3.5 Absence from Wisconsin), including students going to school in another state, do not have to be physically present to apply. However, individuals who are not Wisconsin residents and intend to move to Wisconsin must be physically present in Wisconsin to apply.


  2. Express intent to reside in Wisconsin. (see 3.2 Intent to Reside.). Effective January 1, 2014, an individual can also be considered a resident of Wisconsin if they are physically present in the State and have entered Wisconsin with a job commitment or seeking employment, whether or not they are employed at the time of application.


Example 1: John, a student from Wisconsin who is attending college in Minnesota, can apply for BadgerCare Plus as a Wisconsin resident.


Example 2: Margie lives in Florida. She is planning to move to Wisconsin in the next few months. Margie would not be considered a resident of Wisconsin until she is physically present in Wisconsin.


Example 3: This is George's first day in Wisconsin. He states that he intends to reside in Wisconsin. For BadgerCare Plus purposes, George is a Wisconsin resident.


Migrant Farm Worker


A migrant who meets the following conditions is a Wisconsin resident:  


  1. His or her primary employment in Wisconsin is in the agricultural field or cannery work,

  2. He or she is authorized to work in the US,

  3. He or she is not related (immediate family) by blood or marriage to the employer (as distinguished from a "crew leader"), and

  4. He or she routinely leaves an established place of residence to travel to another locality to accept seasonal or temporary employment.

See 12.3 for Special Migrant Laborer Processing Instructions.




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