State of Wisconsin
Department of Health Services

Release 22-03
October 29, 2022

1.4 Account Recovery

People who cannot remember the user ID or password for their ACCESS account should click the click here link at the bottom of the ACCESS login page.

The Access Account Recovery Setup page will be displayed. People should enter their user ID to recover their password or their ACCESS tracking number to recover their user ID and click Continue.

1.4.1 Email Not on File

The ACCESS Account Recovery page will be displayed if an email address was not provided when people created their ACCESS account. For privacy and security, all three sections need to be completed before an account can be recovered. Click Continue after completing all three sections.

If the recovery is successful, the Congratulations page will be displayed. Click the click here link to go to the ACCESS login page.

1.4.2 Email on File

If an email address was provided as part of creating a person's ACCESS account, the account recovery process occurs through the Web Access Management System (WAMS) instead of ACCESS. The following page will be displayed after people click Continue on the Access Account Recovery Setup page. Follow the steps on the page to recover the account.

Note: If an email address has changed since a person created his or her ACCESS account or if a person has problems with the account recovery process through WAMS, click the Help Wisconsin Support link at the bottom of the page. The Help Wisconsin Support page will be displayed. On this page, the person will need to provide his or her name, email address, and telephone number so that Wisconsin Help Desk staff can contact the him or her. Additionally, the person will need to select the problem he or she is experiencing from the Please specify Problem menu and enter "" in the Application Name field. Comment regarding the problem can also be entered. When finished entering information. click Submit.

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