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21.2 Full Benefit

Those subprograms of Medicaid that are eligible to receive full-benefit Medicaid services include:


  1. Katie Beckett Medicaid (see Section 29.1 Katie Beckett)

  2. HCBWLTC (see Section 28.1 Home and Community-Based Waivers Long-term Care Introduction)

  3. Institutional Medicaid (see Section 27.1 Institutions)

  4. BadgerCare Plus (see the BadgerCare Plus Handbook)

  5. SSI-related Medicaid (categorically or medically needy)

  6. Foster Care Medicaid (see the BadgerCare Plus Handbook)

  7. Adoption Assistance Medicaid

  8. Medicaid Met Deductibles (see Section 24.2 Medicaid Deductible Introduction)

  9. MAPP (see Section 26.1 Medicaid Purchase Plan Introduction)

  10. WWWMA (see Chapter 36 Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid)

  11. SSI-Medicaid




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