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17.3 Look Back Period

Effective January 1, 2014, the look back period is 60 months for all divestments.


The look back period is a period of time prior to application or entry into an institution. A divestment that has occurred in the look back period or any time thereafter can cause the applicant or member to be ineligible.


The look back period begins when an individual is both institutionalized and has applied for Long Term Care Medicaid or has requested one of the Home and Community-Based Waiver or Managed Long Term Care programs.


When you count backward, start counting with the month before the date of application or entry into the institution as month one. When determining which date to use, use the most recent date.


"Date of application" is the date the applicant or his or her representative signs the application. If he or she does not sign the application, it is not a complete application and no divestment penalty can be imposed.



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