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6.1.1 Change Reporting for All Food Units (Simplified)

7 CFR 273.12(5)


All food units are subject to simplified reporting rules. Whether or not the unit is required to submit a six month report form (SMRF), the food unit must report when its monthly gross income received exceeds 130% FPL (8.1.1). The food unit must use the monthly gross income limit for the food unit size that existed at the time of its most recent certification or recertification, regardless of any subsequent changes in its food unit size.


Certified food units must report the change by the 10th of the month following the change.


Example 1: Mike’s hours and rate of pay increase in the middle of January. Mike’s total gross income on the paychecks he received in January did not put his food unit over 130% FPL.

Mike’s pay dates for February are 2/13 and 2/27. When Mike receives his paycheck on 2/27, his food unit’s total gross income received is now over 130% FPL. The change in income must be reported by 3/10.  


Example 2: Ted starts a new job on December 30. He receives his first paycheck on January 17. His gross income received from his first paycheck puts his food unit over 130% FPL. Ted must report the change in income by February 10.   


Note: Anticipated receipt of income and/or work hours is not required to be reported, even if the anticipated income is expected to put the food unit over the gross income 130% FPL. A reported change in income can only be used in the budget after it is received. For example, an applicant reports during the interview, they expect to start a new job next month. Because the job has not started and a paycheck has not been received, no income is to be budgeted. The applicant is required to report when the income he or she receives from the job puts the food unit’s income above 130% FPL.


Once a food unit has been certified eligible with a gross income above 130% FPL, all reporting requirements have been met until the next SMRF or renewal.


Reporting exception: ABAWDs must report by the 10th of the following month when their work hours fall below 80 hours per month.


However, if any change is reported or becomes known to the agency, it must be acted upon. When the information is not verified upon receipt, it may be appropriate to request  clarification of the change and/or pend when appropriate.


See 5.1.1 for change reporting requirements for Transitional FoodShare (TFS) members.



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Release Date: 08/03/2020

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