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Page Last Updated: October 27, 2018

Index a Document

Indexing a document connects it to a case number, RFA number, ACCESS number, or marks it as Unknown within CARES Worker Web (CWW). It is the last step prior to exporting the documents to CWW and ECF View.


Note: Documents cannot be altered (split, rotated, etc) during indexing. If errors are found during indexing follow one of the below processes:

o     DPU workers:

      Click Document Review to send the folder to the Document Review - Index activity.

o     Agency workers:

      Documents will need to be re-scanned. Contact the Wisconsin Help Desk at 608-261-4400 (Madison) | 1-866-335-2180 (Toll-Free) | (email) and request assistance with CARES ECF to delete the indexing job.


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1.    Open a Folder to Index

From the Work Queue page, click on a folder with the Activity Name of Document Index. Click image for larger view


2.    Enter Case Information

The first document within the folder is automatically selected.
Enter the related case number, RFA number, ACCESS number, or select Unknown
If a Document Tracking Sheet (DTS) was used to scan the document, the DTS and related case or ACCESS number will automatically populate.
If the document type is Process First CDPU, Process First CDPU Priority 6, Process First Local, or Process First OIG only a case number may be entered.
Click image for larger view
Add or confirm the Received Date of the document.  
The primary person field is automatically populated when a case number is entered. Click image for larger view

3.    Enter Individual Information

Select the Document Code from the drop-down list.
See Document List/Codes for the complete list of options.
Click image for larger view
If the selected Document Code is PIN-based, complete the Social Security # and PIN # fields.
Use the Social Security # or PIN # drop-down list to select an individual associated with the case. Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth are automatically populated with information from CWW.
If the person is not listed, select New Individual in the drop-down list. Then manually enter the the following (if it is available in the document):

o     Social Security #

o     PIN #

o     Last Name

o     First Name

o     Date of Birth

Click image for larger view

4.    Complete Document and Repeat for all Documents in the Folder

Click Complete Document to go to the next document in the list.
The case information will be automatically applied to the next document.
Repeat steps 2-4 until all documents have been indexed.
Click image for larger view

5.    Complete Indexing of Folder

Click one of the following buttons to complete the folder and remove it from the work queue:

o     Click Index Next Folder to send the folder to CWW and ECF View, then open the next indexing folder.

o     Click Return to Work Queue to send the folder to CWW and ECF View, then return to the work queue.

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