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12.3 Simplified Application

12.3.1 Renewal Dates for Simplified Application


Migrant workers and their families can have their eligibility for BadgerCare Plus determined using a simplified application process if they:

  1. Have current Medicaid eligibility from another state. ("Current Medicaid eligibilityā€¯ means eligibility that includes at least months one and two of the application process.) Or had Medicaid/BadgerCare Plus eligibility in Wisconsin that was certified through months one and two of the application and that ended only because the family left Wisconsin.

  2. And have the same members or fewer in the case as there were when the case had coverage in the other state.

 The simplified application procedure is as follows:

  1. For applicants with current Medicaid eligibility from another state, verify the eligibility and the end date.  Verify with a copy of the out-of-state Medicaid card or by contacting the other state.

  2. For applicants previously eligible in Wisconsin, determine the closure code and renewal date.

  3. Determine if the same members, or fewer, are in the case compared to when the group was eligible in the other state.

  4. Collect all non-financial information.

  5. Do not collect any financial information.

  6. Certify BadgerCare Plus benefits for the migrant family.


Example 1:  A migrant family consisting of Dad, Mom, and their three children come to Wisconsin.  On July 3, Dad applies for BadgerCare Plus in Wisconsin for his family.


The family has current Medicaid eligibility from Texas with a certification period ending on November 30.  That is, eligibility extends beyond application months one and two.


The household has the same five members listed on the Medicaid card.


Because the two conditions described in 12.2 are met, the case should be processed using the simplified application procedure.



Example 2:  The same migrant family comes in for the November review. Verify all mandatory and questionable verification items.  The family is determined eligible through October 31 of the following year.

The family leaves Wisconsin in December.  BadgerCare Plus closes for failure to reside in the state.  The next March, the family returns.  There have been no non-financial changes and no changes in household composition.  The family should be processed with the simplified application procedure because their case closed only for failure to reside in Wisconsin.

12.3.1 Renewal Dates for Simplified Application

For migrant families that have been certified through the migrant simplified application process, the first renewal coincides with the date out-of-state eligibility ends. The next renewal is 12 months from the first renewal


See example 1 above. The renewal date should be set for November since that is the last month of the certification period for the Texas Medicaid.



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